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En Español!

About This Album

Produced by Ernie Altschuler
Cover photo: Frank Bez

In 1999, Collectables issued a 2-on-1 CD featuring Dance The Bop! and En Español.

Liner notes

Ray recorded this album in Mexico City with Mexican singers in order to be sure that he would get the Spanish words pronounced correctly.
Although Ray doesn't speak Spanish he found that by the use of a few key words and phrases, such as dicción (diction),entonación (intonation), No están juntos (It's not together), for example, that he could get the same kind of performance from the singers that he gets in the United States.
At the close of the sessions, Ray was most pleased with the results and felt that anyone who hears this album cannot help but feel the spirit and enthusiasm of these fine Mexican singers.
Listen now and try to visualize Ray and the Singers in the studio in Mexico City singing EN ESPANOL!