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About This Album

Producer: Jack Gold
Arranger & Conductor: Ray Conniff
Engineer: Bruce Morgan ("Harmony" by Eric Prestidge)
Photography: Tyler Thornton

Ray, his wife Vera with their daughter Tamara, their Toy poodle,
Lucky and Irish wolfhound, Prince are pictured at home in Hollywood.

Liner notes

From the very beginning, HARMONY seemed like a perfect song for Ray Conniff and The Singers. The opening of the lyric "the time has come, let us begin with all our voices joining in" sounds a call to a musically cooperative effort that represents the way Ray Conniff albums are born.

The songs are chosen with attention to melodic value, story line and care is taken that good taste be ever present with entertainment values the key factor.

The Conniff Singers have always produced a distinctive brilliance and precision that are the hallmark of their creator. As one watches a Conniff recording session it is impossible not to be impressed by the way the voices are instructed, corrected, coaxed and led into the precise performances we have come to know so well. Along with this, the orchestra, also arranged by Ray, supplies an accompaniment that is in perfect harmony with what the voices are singing.

Although the Conniff career is memorable in many respects the most remarkable of all is the way his style and sound have developed through the years to keep pace with changes in music. The Ray Conniff arrangements are the magic ingredient that has kept the music up to date and vital. Ray Conniff makes music that brings harmony to rich and poor, young and old all over the world from the Orient to Africa and from Europe to South America as well as here at home.

Ray, who is very happy living in harmony at home with his beautiful wife, Vera, his baby daughter, Tamara, and their two dogs, has given us a new lbum with eleven great songs. So it seems fitting that the title of the album should be HARMONY, which is at once the name of Ray's hit single and the word that best describes his life and work.

Jack Gold