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I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

About This Album

Produced by Snuff Garrett for Garrett Music Enterprises
Engineered by Eric Prestidge and George Beauregard
Arrangements by Ray Conniff
Front cover photo by Sherman Weisburd / Back cover photo by Don Hunstein

Liner notes

Ray Conniff experiences music as most people experience sunshine — with warmth and gladness. While many artists choose to express the gray areas of living — and many of them do so effectively — this was never Conniff's way. He finds his fulfillment in the bright colors that coexist with the gray. Fortunately for us, there is more than enough space in music for all outlooks. Thus it is a matter of choice and mood. If you want music that will accentuate moments of happiness, or bring you up when you're down, then Ray Conniff is your man and this is your album. Conniff's enormous and long-lasting popularity is no accident. You can absolutely count on him and his music for a smile. Fittingly, Conniff's new album uses a contemporary approach. Not only does he bring us a fresh selection of songs, he also utilizes a fresh, friendly group of young singers. These are the singers heard in many of today's television shows and commercials. Indeed, the title song, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing, is based on an already familiar and popular TV commercial. Ray Conniff is a man who believes in cheerfulness and hope as well as music, and this album expresses his feelings beautifully.
Morgan Ames